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Proud to be an Indian

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tobacco:It's a poison

  • Avoiding tobacco adds 20 years to the life of a teenager.

  • In India, 900,000 people die due to tobacco related diseases per year.

  • In India The tobacco contributes to 56.4% and 44.9% of cancers in men and women, respectively.

  • India has the largest number of oral cancer cases in the world which is due to tobacco.

  • Tobacco smoking accounts for 82% of Chronic obstructive lung disease in India.

  • Tobacco indirectly causes lung tuberculosis.

  • The heavier the smoking, either cigarettes or bidis, the greater the prevalence of TB among smokers.

  • It is estimated that India as compared to any other country will have the fastest rise in tobacco related deaths each year.

*HEALTHY-INDIA.ORG के सौजन्य से साभार

Photo by Dinesh Chandra Varshney for Bharat Nav Nirman only

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