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Proud to be an Indian

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Global Warming : An individual awareness

Written by: S. Jaganathan

The world of change is affecting mankind drastically , just thinking a bit on the reason for the change and solution for the bad effects ,the answer without any doubt is : Human Being. Being the most intelligent species on this earth, we need to be aware on certain things.

"Control + S= Save" in computer terms.

Control + Yes : Save World for Global Welfare.

Control: Poaching + Yes: Save Animals .

Control: Wastage of water + Yes: Save Drought.

Control: Cutting of trees & Plants + Yes: Save Forests.

Control: Pollution + Yes: Save natural resources.

Control: Wastes ( Recycling) +Yes: Save surroundings.

In general , we are all aware what's going wrong surrounding us, we can never deny the fact one doesn't know , how smoking affects our health. But , even then the smoking rate is progressive . Just being aware , we all continue to do some or the other things which might lead in destructive results not only to us, but also to this common address of all us i.e, 'Earth'.Even though we might not be the reason for the solution, lets be the cause for suggestion.Lets suggest ourselves in what we need to focus on. Global warming is just not caused due to the reason's above, our ecological balance has collapsed. Irregularities everywhere. Global WAR'ming in a different dimension... Trust, Love, Dependency,Care, Sharing these words are slowly loosing its value..The world is becoming itself independent.. We just can't imagine the sun and moon being independent....We can't imagine our solar system being independently operated..We can't imagine nature to behave independently . If all of the above occurs, we might have to experience global warming and more severe natural disasters .Let's love mankind and let mankind love " The Mother Nature" Let's try to protect & survive as well. To add more value to this post in Bharat Navnirman blog, I felt its worth to share a video which was shared to me by a friend of mine.
I am sorry , I am unable to provide exact information on the courtesy of the video , in any case thanks to QUERCUS , for that touching and thoughtful video.

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