Proud to be an Indian

Proud to be an Indian

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life Is For Everyone -Life Is Good

S, Jaganathan
Guest Author,
Bharat Nav Nirman (Evolving New India)

Is this my Place??
Where I have landed in peace..
I am a tenant of this piece,
with a fixed period of lease..

We are called back,
for a new agreement.
may or may not be for the same piece,
with altogether a different settlement.

Some are called before the lease expiry,
as their agreement was initially temporary.
But their stay costs in currency of love,
once in loss, never can imagine the pain of above.

Agreement is nothing big,
as simple to spread.
Feeling of love,
Caring of pain,Sharing of bread.

We agree there..
Do we follow here??
Is it difficult to keep up...
Hence,relationships arebeing created.

Who are we to control others,
What are we controlled of?
When we can't control other's hunger,
then try only to control anger.

Smile gets back smile,
tears may not get tears..
He who owns us only hears,
with his magic touch everything smoothly sail.

Friendship is a form,
Parents show another,
Special person brings something more........LOVE

With this I say..
Yes this is " My Sweet Place".

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