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Friday, May 21, 2010

10 Characteristics Of A Good Project

Written By: Rajneesh Shukla
1)Development From Scratch:
In a good project we have Business Requirement Documents (BRDs) not only for enhancement of the current version of program but also those which require development from scratch.
2) Multi Skilled:
From developer perspective a good project might require one primary skill but also provide a platform to enhance at least 2 secondary skills.
3)Throughput Oriented:
The primary thing is OQD: On Time Quality Deliverables. What time, Where and How are you doing are secondary things. This kind of flexibility is achieved by very good LOE:Level Of Estimation.
4)Complete Functional & Technical Exposure:
In a good project one team player might be developer for one BRD. QA (Tester) for the other one. Owner and responsible for end to end solution delivery for some other BRDs.
5)High Integrity:
A good project might have multiple programs running in parallel. But overall impression should be it's a single program having only one team. A member of the team is taking a lot of interest on activities of others in another team. One should be able to easily take roles and responsibilities of other as per requirement.
6) Transparency:
In a good project roles and responsibilities of one are not only limited to manager. But it should be very clear to every one in the team.
7)Regular Project Sync up Meetings:
Even 5 days in a week if required. It's a very effective way to maintain High Integrity & Transparency.
8)Quality One to One:
Manager is always open for one to one meeting with employee. Roles and responsibilities are distributed over months. In one to one meeting expectations and accomplishments are discussed for the current months rather than using generic words.
If due to some restrictions manager is not able to do some thing in employee favor, he should share clear reasons rather than blaming on employee. Manager is convincing very well, he will try to compensate it by some other means in upcoming days.
9)No Boundaries to Limit Capabilities:
Members are getting proper motivation and appreciation for initiative and decision making.
10) Quality Documentations:
BRDs, HLDs, LLDs, Unit test plan and cases, QA test plan and cases, UAT test-cases, Support Training Documents etc are created and maintained in proper and planned way.

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